Cuesta de Rodrigo del Campo 13, Granada, Spain

What is this site for?

This web site is dedicated to telling the story about the Funky Backpackers Hostel in Granada, Spain.  The theft of my son's backpack by an employee of the hostel or due to their incompetence or by people known to them must be told to prevent others from becoming victims.

The reason such theft behavior exist is that people who ARE taken do not stand up and say NO I will not allow others to steal from me and get away with it. If everyone were to say NO and take actions to stop it then the crime and others like it would cease. Those who turn their back on such behavior and accept it only allow it to happen to others.

This theft happened in the presence of and, without a doubt, with the help of an employee of the hostel.  Carmen Espinosa, the owner of Funky Backpackers Hostel, tries to incriminate Alexei, another employee (not the theif), ever so slightly as the thief when, in fact, it was HER SON who stole my son's property.  The TRUTH became clear after we communicated with Alexei that he was not working that day which was his only day off.

It was Carmen's son who had the reception desk when the bag was stolen in clear view of the security camera, it was Carmen's son who knew that my son had a digital camera and SD memory cards in the bag, and it was Carmen herself that would not let my son, Beau, look at the security video film the following morning, well within the alleged cycle of the security camera's recorded video.

Carmen knew who stole the bag and that is why I am so adamant about exposing Funky Backpackers Hostel.  This was not some street grab-and-run theft, it was a theft within the hostel by an employee of the hostel where my son and others should be able to relax and feel safe.

My original letter posted below shows my outrage for I knew what happened and wanted to make it very completely clear that such behavior would not be tolerated.

Please read the entire web site and see just how Funky Backpackers Hostel operates their SCAM BUSINESS.  This web site is a constant work in progress and will continue to change to better expose this hostel as a place to stay away from. 

The title above "Run Away From This Hostel" actually came from an individual that left an evaluation of Funky Backpackers using this title and I could not resist using  it. There are other choices of hostels in Granada and I strongly suggest you find them.